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car rims

car rims

Today I want to discuss car rim modification tips that must be considered. Starting from the selection of the type of car rim to the advantages and disadvantages. Car rims are very important components and will greatly affect the performance of the vehicle. Car rim modification by changing according to their tastes is often done by car owners.

However, there are still many people who still insist on making changes to the rims to pursue the beauty of the car without thinking about the bad effects. The rim is a very important component and if the wrong choice can be fatal to the performance of the vehicle. Modifying the rim by replacing it is a choice of each person’s taste.

But many people are forced to make changes to the rim to pursue the beauty of their car without thinking about the bad effects caused.

So that the car looks cool without losing safety and comfort while driving, here are rim modification tips that must be considered.

Each rim has a maximum load limit (Load Maximum) therefore the weight of the load needs to be adjusted to the maximum load on the rim. For this, you can ask relatives or people who are experts in car rim modification to get the right calculation.

When modifying car rims, do not replace rims with a diameter that is too large, a maximum of 2 steps or two inches larger than the standard rim. Because replacing rims with a larger diameter will make the vehicle taller and cause the tires to squeeze against the fenders.

Pay attention to the specifications of the bolts needed when modifying car rims. There are cars using rims with four bolts, there are five bolts. This bolt size is usually known as PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) which means the distance of the bolt hole on the rim. PCD usually says 4×100, 4×114.3, 5×114.3, or 5×112. The number “4” or “5” means the number of bolt holes, while the numbers “100”, “114.3, or “112” indicate the diameter distance between the bolts in millimeters (mm).

In modifying car rims, the width of the rim should be considered so that it does not affect the legs. If the width of the rim is too extreme, there is a risk that the lip of the rim or tire will touch the inside of the fender.

The weight or lightness of a rim does not determine whether the product is good or not because the manufacturer has calculated the balance of every function in the car, including the rim. If you choose a car rim modification with Polish colored paint, pay attention to the end of the meeting between paint and polish. If there are white lines, it means that the paint has peeled off.

To determine the quality of the rims, when choosing a car rim, you can test it by hanging it with a rubber band and hitting it with a screwdriver to find out the sound (buzzing), a good rim has a smooth sound but lasts a long time, while a rim with poor material and processing will sound loud but buzzing. very short. Therefore, do not be wrong in modifying the car rim because it will affect the strength of the rim itself.

Car rim modification, Choose OEM or Aftermarket rims?

Currently, many places offer various kinds of car rim modifications. Starting from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car rims, aftermarket, and replicas you can get easily. However, among these car rims, which rim has good quality and is safe to apply to your car? Let’s see the explanation below.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) Car rims.
OEM car rims are commonly known as rims that are officially approved by car manufacturers. The advantages of OEM rims can be seen from the strength of the rims and their guaranteed quality. Although it has a heavy weight, for some German car manufacturer brands such as BMW it has a light weight and stylish design compared to other OEM rim manufacturers.

Aftermarket Car rims.
Knowing aftermarket products are products issued by non-official manufacturers. In terms of design, aftermarket rims offer more variants than OEM car rims. There are many aftermarket car rim manufacturers in the world, such as BBS, Works, Enkei, and SSR. Although the rim manufacturers do not collaborate with official manufacturers, the rim prices they offer are quite high in comparison to the quality.

Replica car rims or imitation rims are rims that only imitate the rim designs of well-known brands or completely equate in terms of shape and design. For quality, replica car rims can be considered vulnerable in terms of durability, depending on the manufacturer. In terms of price, replica rims are very pocket-friendly (cheap prices).

Well, when viewed from the three types of car rims above, of course, OEM and aftermarket rims are the right choice for car rim modification. Not only in terms of the material of manufacture, in terms of quality and variety of rims, it is considered more worth it than replica rims.

However, not everyone can afford to buy OEM or aftermarket rims which are very expensive. It’s not that they can’t, it’s back to their tastes, whether by changing the car’s rims, it will increase in terms of design or performance or just the opposite. Each person must have their reasons when modifying car rims.

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