Rim Recommendations For Saloon Cars

Many ways are taken for saloon car lovers to change the appearance of their mounts to make it look cooler, one of them is by changing the rims.

Before modifying it, it’s better to first know your car rim size recommendation. After that, determine the fitment, such as diameter, width, and rim design.

You also have to pay attention to the center bore, offset, and finally whether the combination of these elements will make the rims comfortable to wear, and of course, make your car look different from the others.

Centerbore is a hole or circle in the middle of the rim bolt hole. Centerbore serves to hold the rim to stay in the middle of the wheel.

Offset also has an important role in choosing and installing the rim that you will use to get the desired rim fitment.


Offset or commonly referred to as “ET” is another name for how much the center surface of the rim protrudes in or out.


Car rim offset number.

If the rim offset number is positive, it means that the position of the center cross-section of the rim tends to the outside of the rim. Conversely, if the offset is negative, it means that the position of the center cross-section of the rim tends to protrude to the inside.

If zero, then the position of the rim hole is right at the centerline of the rim.

Replacing the factory default rims with aftermarket rims is considered capable of quickly changing the look of the saloon car.

But, in reality, changing car rims can’t be said to be easy. You have to calculate the PCD (Pitch Circle Diametre) to determine the brand of the rim.

PCD is a measure related to the diameter of the wheel bolt pattern. For example, PCD 4×100, then the first number represents the number of matching bolt holes.

Then, the next number is how far the distance from one hole to another is, which is 100 millimeters.

Usually, the recommendation for saloon car rim sizes is a maximum of two sizes. For example, if you previously used a 16-inch ring, replace it with a larger 18-inch rim.

But keep in mind, when changing the rim size of a saloon car to a larger one, there is a formula that must be considered for your comfort and safety when driving.


Check the diameter of the tire you are going to use.

The recommended saloon car rim size cannot be separated from the outer diameter of the tire or the outside diameter that will be used. This is important to your attention, especially if you want to change the rim to a larger size.

The reason is, the outer diameter of the tire should remain the same as much as possible even though the rim size is changed to be larger. So, when you replace the rim, you have to pay attention to the size of the tire that will be used.


Check tire ratio.

Checking the aspect ratio or the thickness of the tires is no less important when changing your car rims to a larger size.

The aspect ratio calculation is taken from the size between the sides of the tire, then compares the inside of the tire (section width) with the height of the tire tread to the base of the tire that holds the rim (section height).

For example, tires with a size of 225/35R19. “225” is the size between the sides of the tire (section width), while the aspect ratio is “35”. The smaller the nominal aspect ratio, the thinner the tires, and vice versa.


Pay attention to comfort when changing rim size.

When you want to change the rim size of your car to a larger size, you must use tires that have an aspect ratio according to the size of the rims.

Why is that? Because this is of course directly related to the comfort of the car when invited to the road.

Therefore, before making modifications, it’s a good idea to ask a professional mechanic for your car rim size recommendation first.


Recommended car rim size, don’t go up more than 2 inches.

For the sake of comfort and safety of the feet, the recommended car rim size is no more than 2 inches from the factory default size.

After that, you can combine the car rim size recommendations with the aspect ratio of the tires by comfort and safety standards.


The wide rim will affect the grip.

The saloon car rim size recommendations above have some impact on the car. The bigger the rim, the bigger the width of the rim.

For example, rims with a size of 15 inches have a width of between 6-7 inches. Likewise rims with a size of 17 inches wide can reach 7.5-8 inches.

The greater traction is also influenced by the width of the rim you use. This increases body roll and understeer symptoms of the vehicle.

Body roll is a moment when the car feels tilted when it is in a corner. When the car starts to turn, the weight of the car seems to move in the opposite direction. if you turn left, the car will tilt to the right, and vice versa.

While the understanding of understeer is a condition when the car is difficult to turn and even keeps sliding straight even though the steering wheel has been turned.


Pay attention to the car’s EPS capabilities.

The next car rim size recommendation is to adjust to the ability of Electronic Power Steering (EPS).

If the rim size does not match, your car’s EPS can be disturbed. So, adjust to the EPS capabilities. Especially if the EPS model on your car is small. Try not to be overloaded.

How? Has the car rim size recommendation above helped you?

Don’t forget, even though you like to modify car rims, you still have to prioritize safety and comfort when driving.

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