Main Causes of Broken Car Rims

Just like other components, car rims also require maintenance to be durable and long-lasting. However, with use, the rim can also be damaged. Some of the obstacles that are commonly experienced are cracks, torn, and even broken. This will certainly endanger you while driving.

In addition to being dangerous, the cost of repairing or replacing rims is also quite expensive. As a preventive measure, it’s a good idea to pay attention to several things that can damage the rim. Anything? Here’s the review.

1. Always go through the bad roads.
One of the causes of damaged rims is frequent crossing on damaged, potholed, and rocky roads. If you often pass through road conditions like this at a rather high speed, don’t be surprised if your car rims have problems, one of which is a bend or bend around the lip of the rim or the inside.

This is made worse if you use a thin tire profile. Braking hard or hard braking when hitting a hole due to going too fast, also often makes the rim break or bend, especially the front tire. This is because the center of gravity when braking rests on the front tire then hits a hole in a rather sharp surface.

Do not stop there. The most severe condition that you will face is the tires can burst and bend on the walls. One thing you can do if you experience this condition is to immediately release the brake pedal pressure just before entering the hole. The reason is, this step can reduce the impact of the impact because the center of gravity has shifted.

2. Incorrect tires.
The next cause of damaged rims is using tires that do not match the character of the rims. Not only damaging, but the use of inappropriate round rubber can also interfere with your comfort and safety while driving.

One thing you need to remember is to follow the factory default specifications when you want to change tires. However, if you have replaced the factory default rims with aftermarket products, you can discuss the specifications of the tires that are suitable for your rims.

The use of tires with a profile that is too thin and a tread that is too wide can cause a damaged car rim. In addition, installing off-road tires that are too large is also not recommended if they do not match the character and material of your favorite car rim.

3. Wind pressure.
Air pressure in the tires can also affect the condition of the car’s rims. Especially if you are forced to use flat tires for everyday driving. So when you hit a hole, there will be a direct collision between the asphalt road and the rim because the air volume in the tire is not enough to withstand the impact. Well, this will cause the rim to bend at the lips.

In addition, excessive air pressure filling is also not good. Because this will make the tire slams feel more because the side tire walls become stiff. In addition, other negative effects are the control tends to be wild, braking performance decreases on wet and dry tracks, and tire wear occurs in the middle tread.

That’s why before traveling you check the tire pressure first. Check that the air pressure is by the manufacturer’s instructions located on the inner wall of the door.

4. Rarely cleaned.
Although not classified as physical damage, but the dull appearance of the rim can make its quality decrease. The contributing factor is the owner who rarely cleans it. In addition, dull rims will reduce the selling value. So, you also have to check and take care of your favorite car rims.


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