Here’s How To Take Care Of Car Rims Still Shiny

The car is a vehicle that is needed by many people to travel both in the city and outside the city. Therefore, of course, having a car is the desire of almost everyone. How come? By using a car, friends are protected from the hot sun when traveling during the day, even friends will be spoiled by the cool air conditioning in the car.

Driving at night, of course, friends will avoid the evil night wind. Besides that, what is the most comfortable is when it rains, friends will be protected from rainwater, of course, the trip will be smooth because the rain can’t hinder your driving activities. When you have a car, of course, you are required to be diligent in taking care of the car, because if you don’t take care of it regularly, the car will be damaged quickly and require a very large cost to restore it.

One important part that is rarely noticed by friends in caring for a car is the rim.

The existence of the rim is very important but often goes unnoticed. Well-maintained rims can certainly add more value to the appearance of your car. Therefore, not a few people replace their default tire rims with new ones that are considered better and can improve the looks of the car. So it’s a shame if you don’t diligently take care of the car rims owned by friends.

1. Using Aluminum Foil.
Aluminum foil is better known for its benefits for food, but it turns out that aluminum foil can also be used to clean and care for your friend’s car rims, especially from the attached rust. If you have a car with rusty rims, don’t despair. You can still use aluminum foil to remove the rust, thus making your rims shiny and shiny again. Aluminum foil is more suitable for chrome rims.
How to use it is fairly easy. Wash the rim first, if the rust dirt is still stubborn, add a little vinegar and salt. To be more effective, moisten aluminum foil with vinegar and salt water, then rub it with a little pressure on the part of the rust you want to clean. Gradually the rust will disappear. If the rust on your rims is gone, please wash the rims, then apply a special liquid for car rims that will make your rims shiny.

2. Toothpaste.
Car lights are also an important part, especially at night. Rainwater that settles in the car’s headlights will make it moist, if you don’t wipe it immediately, your car’s lights will dim because it is blocked by mold that sticks to it due to rain. Mushrooms will appear not on the light, but the mica. So you have to be diligent in cleaning your car, especially after your car is invited to fight against the rain.

3. Special Liquid Rim Cleaning.
If the rims are still intact, or the car is new, take care of the rims by applying a special rim cleaning fluid regularly. Choose a special liquid brand that is trusted and of course compatible with friends. Do it regularly.

Don’t be lazy to take care of the rims, okay? Well, friends, those are tips that you can do to take care of car rims to keep them shiny.

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