9 Important Things Before Going On A Long Trip

You are planning to drive a car for a long trip, for example, to go home or travel to tourist attractions such as a country above the clouds, here is important information. In addition to physical preparation (for those who drive), Auto Family is also required to check the condition of the car to avoid danger. Well, here are 11 important things you should check on your car before a long trip.

1. Lamp.

Check the overall condition of the car lights. Make sure all lights can work and turn on normally. If a light goes out, it should be replaced immediately.

2. Tires.

Check the condition of the tires, physically and tire pressure. Normal car tire pressure is around 30-34 psi.

3. Car Brake.

Check the brake fluid level. If it is reduced from the minimum level limit, it is necessary to suspect the possibility of a leak. Check the brake system for visible leaks in the hoses, and the brake master. Don’t forget to check if there is any wetness on the inside of the wheels, as a sign of a leak in the wheel cylinder. Make sure the brake system can work properly.

4. Water of Radiator.

Make sure the car radiator water is full and the water reservoir is up to the level limit, it doesn’t need to be too full. Also, check the condition of the radiator hose and the connecting hose to the reservoir. If you find a bulging or cracked hose, replace it immediately to avoid the hose bursting in the middle of the road. Also, make sure the hose connection to the engine and the radiator is tight enough and does not leak.

5. Rotation of Cooling Fan or AC.

If the fan is rotated by the belt, check the physical condition of the belt. If the belt is cracked, replace it immediately. Also check the tension belt tension, so that the fan rotation can be optimal. When the fan is rotated by the electric motor, the condition of the electric motor is still good and feasible. To know whether the cooling of the car engine by the engine fan is running normally, look at the temperature pointer. If it exceeds the centerline it means the engine is hot enough but still safe. But if more than half you should stop and wait until the car engine cools down then check the condition of the cooling water and fans.

6. Condition of Filter and Gasoline Hose.

Make sure the fuel hose is not cracked or leaking. Also, make sure the fuel filter is not clogged. Well, especially for you who routinely carry out periodic vehicle services, usually the gasoline filter is clean. But, there’s nothing wrong with checking, that’s all.

7. Engine Oil.

Make sure the engine oil has sufficient volume. How to check the engine oil volume is, by checking the level on the oil stick. The oil level should be on the line between the L and F marks and should be slightly below the F level line. If it’s not enough, add more. Make sure the time limit (kilometers) of using Auto Family oil is still sufficient for the distance to be covered.

8. Air Filter.

The air filter or air filter should be cleaned before traveling long distances. The use of the air filter is based on a distance of about 10,000 km.

9. Battery.

Check the battery pole bolts and clean the battery poles of dirt or adhering scale. Also, check the battery water level. If it’s not enough, just add it with pure battery water. But remember, avoid filling the battery water with Accu water (H2S04) so ​​that the quality of the car battery is maintained.

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