Caring for Cars To Make It More Durable

Apart from doing basic car maintenance such as checking oil and rotating tires, people tend to ignore other comprehensive car care tips. Such as using the right handbrake, checking the alignment of the car regularly, and using the right keychain.

In fact, this can be bad for the durability of the car. Ensuring proper car maintenance is essential to the durability of the car.

To be more durable, it requires special handling that is not done carelessly. Therefore, you need to know how to properly care for your car so that its durability is maintained.

1. Get Rid of the Habit of Excessive Gear Holding.
The first way to take care of a car to make it more durable is to get rid of the habit of always holding the gear lever when the vehicle is in use. People often put their hands on the gear lever.

Although people see this as normal, it is not true. Resting your hands on shifting gears will result in premature wear of the transmission components, especially on manual cars.

2. Perform Regular Oil Changes.
The next way to take care of your car to make it more durable is to do regular oil changes. It is very important to change the car’s engine oil after the first 50 to 100 miles, especially when the condition is a new car.

This will extend the life of the car. But if you’ve been driving the car for a long period of time, you should change the oil every 5,000 miles or after the recommended break-in mileage.

3. Storing Cars Too Long Without Driving It.
How to care for a car to make it more durable, you should avoid storing the car for too long without driving it. Leaving the car for long periods of time without driving can cause the battery to easily lose charge, and tire tires to be damaged.

If you are keeping your car for an extended period of time, always make sure to store it in a good indoor location, wash the paint frequently to keep it in good condition, overfill the tires to keep them in proper condition, and connect the battery to a charger to ensure it stays alive.

4. Lighten Keychain.
Sharing a keychain with many other keys can be quite a burden on a car, especially for ignition keys.

Such weight, while driving and bouncing, can harm the tumbler in the ignition, which in turn leads to ignition failure. You must use a lightweight key ring to make the ignition of the car more durable.

5. Always Monitor Refueling.
The next way to take care of your car to make it last longer is to always monitor the car’s refueling. It is very important to keep accurate records of gas fill and mileage.

This will let you know if your gas mileage is getting worse. And if it gets worse, you must report the problem to service personnel.

6. Checking Tire Tilt Angle.
This is often overlooked by the majority of drivers. You must ride properly aligned tires. Driving a car with misaligned tires can affect the durability of the tires, and even lead to accidents.

7. Change the Air Filter.
Car air filters are car lungs. As car usage increases, you may tend to drive on dusty roads, and this requires an air filter change.

If it is filled with dust, this will cause the car to be filled with dirty air and will reduce the performance of the car. You may be able to change the air filter on the engine yourself, while some may require service personnel to do this.

It is very important that you manually check your car to find out how often you need to change the air filter.

8. Avoid the habit of washing the car engine.
Cleaning the machine with a high-pressure washer can cause serious damage to the machine, damage which includes the loss of the power bit, hose, and rubber seal.

If you are washing the machine, a rag and degreaser will suffice to clean the machine properly, and this should be done twice a year.

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